The engineering programs listed below have been accredited by Acredita CI based on the new accreditation model under international criteria, as established in the Master Manual for the accreditation of Science-Based Engineering Programs.

The accreditation guarantees the quality of the training received by the graduate of the accredited engineering program because it was granted under internationally recognized criteria, which ensure that the professional is prepared to practice the profession by including the attributes of the graduate proposed by the Washington Accord. This quality guarantee is also for the students themselves and their families as well as it should also apply to the field of professional performance in Chile.

Acredita CI is a provisional member of the Washington Accord and is applying for full membership (signatory to the Accord), which will be decided in June 2022, after the visit of the Observers from the International Engineering Alliance.From the moment that Acredita CI is recognized as a full member of the Washington Accord and with a retroactive period of one year from that date, the programs accredited by Acredita CI will be recognized as substantially equivalent by the member countries of the Accord. All those who obtain the professional title after the date of accreditation, will be able to opt for the revalidation of their professional title based on the substantial equivalence of the accredited program.

The signatories of the Washington Accord have undertaken to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the bodies responsible for the registration, licensing or professional qualification of the Engineer to practice in their country or territory mutually recognize the substantial equivalence of engineering programs accredited by others. signatories of the Accord for the purposes of the simplified revalidation of the professional title and thus facilitate the professional practice.

If the graduates of the programs accredited by Acredita CI, have obtained their title before the date of the accreditation, the signatories of the Accord are not obliged to recognize the substantial equivalence of that title, but they could do so whatever remains at their discretion.

Program Ingeniería Civil Industrial

Location, Schedule, Modality

Santiago location, daytime and face-to-face modality
Talca location, daytime and face-to-face modality
Temuco location, daytime and face-to-face modality
Institution Universidad Autónoma de Chile
  Avda. Pedro de Valdivia 425, Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Web Site
Accredited from January 2021
Date next review January 2024
Accredited by Technology Council
International recognition of substantial equivalence Washington Accord in process, pending full Agency membership.