Deadlines for the development of an Accreditation Process
Milestone Deadlines Observations
Formalize the incorporation into the process December – January 31 Sending the Application for Incorporation to the Agency
Generation of the Service Provision Contract December – January 31 That formalizes the conditions of the Service
Definition of the peer evaluators committee January – may Committee is constituted
Delivery of the Self-Evaluation Report June Self-Evaluation Report and Annexes The same date of the visit is defined.
Preparation of the visit July August The peer evaluators committee prepares the visit reviewing the information in detail
and, if required, additional information will be requested from the programs. The visit program is
Peer Evaluators visit September October
Accreditation Decision Second / third week of November Delivery of Certificate and Accreditation Resolution under international
First / Second week of December
Appeal 20 calendar days to make up the accreditation decision Only in case the program (s) does not accredit (s)
Decision after appeal End of January of the following year Accreditation Resolution under international criteria
Process end December / January of the following year