EUR-ACE® label – ENAEE

The European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) promotes quality engineering education across Europe and the world, so that engineering graduates are fully equipped to tackle the problems and rigor demanded by modern engineering projects.

Acredita CI joined as a Full Member of ENAEE on May 6, 2022, formally beginning its insertion in the European Higher Education Area.

The next step is to apply for authorisation to award the EUR-ACE® label to accredited programs in order to extend the recognition of accreditation granted by the Agency.

To this end, ENAEE authorizes accreditation and quality assurance agencies to award the EUR-ACE® label to accredited engineering programs. ENAEE aims to improve the quality of engineering graduates’ education and support their ability to meet the needs of economies and society.

ENAEE members are professional agencies and organizations with an interest in the education and training of engineering professionals.

The EUR-ACE® label

EUR-ACE® is a framework and accreditation system that provides a set of standards that identifies high-quality engineering programs in Europe and globally.

The EUR-ACE® label is a certificate awarded by an authorized body to an HEI (Higher Education Institution) with respect to each engineering program it has accredited.

Benefits of the EUR-ACE® label

The EUR-ACE® system is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

The EUR-ACE® system incorporates the views and perspectives of key stakeholders: students, higher education institutions, employers, professional organisations and accrediting agencies.

Benefits for Higher Education Institutions

It is an additional verification of high-quality engineering education: it meets the quality standards set by the engineering profession.

It provides an incentive for prospective students to choose a programme with the EUR-ACE® label.

It provides reliable information on the quality of programmes for admission to doctoral programmes.

Benefits for engineering students and graduates

Guarantee that the program with the EUR-ACE® label meets high European and international standards and is recognized by employers in Europe.

It facilitates the application to master’s programs accredited with the EUR-ACE® label in higher education institutions around the world.

In countries where the engineering profession is regulated, programmes with the EUR-ACE® label meet the educational requirements to become a registered or chartered engineer.

The EUR-ACE® label facilitates the mobility of graduates as promoted by the European Union Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

The EUR-ACE® label is the educational standard for the professional card promoted by FEANI (European Federation of National Associations of Engineers).

FEANI automatically includes programs with the EUR-ACE® label in its Index listing the educational requirements for the EUR ING degree.